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Mylus Systems is a software development house mainly focussing on the security industry. With many years of experience in designing and developing integrated custom solutions, Mylus has analysed problems with security system servicing over the years and developed a set of tools to help service providers maximise their customers' system uptime.


Neptus Logo
Neptus is a cloud based device and password management system.
  • Automatically discover devices on your local/remote network.
  • Monitor those devices for multiple types of problems.
  • Get email/SMS alerts for problems such as deive offline, disk failure, over-temperature etc.
  • Store snapshot images of cameras at defined points in time.
  • Create PDF/Excel reports of all device parameters with embedded images.
  • Manage device passwords securely.

Currently in development is a mapping section, maintenance scheduler, mobile web app and access control system entity population.
LANScanner Logo

LANScanner is a standalone network discovery tool for the security industry. Simply enter an IP range to scan and LANScanner will return with many details including:

  • Ping response
  • MAC Address (from ARP or device API)
  • Vendor (from MAC OUI)
  • Open TCP Ports (customise a range & timeout)
  • Switch IP & port (using SNMP)
  • Logged on user (using WMI)
  • IP Camera snapshot image (using ONVIF or HTTP APIs)

Enter up to 8 logins for LANScanner to try to retrieve security camera images. Export results to CSV, PDF or Excel with embedded images.

MonitorMesh Logo

MonitorMesh is a systems automation solution. It allows creation of Events to monitor CMD, PowerShell, SQL results or service status. If specific results are found, actions can be configured that include email alerts and CMD/PowerShell/SQL script execution. Multiple Monitoring services (called Droids) can be joined together across different machines to create a redundant mesh. This also allows a result on one Droid to trigger an action on any other. Example configurations include:

  • Look for count results from a SQL script and send email alert and restart a Windows Service if result equals "0".
  • Monitor the status of a local Windows Service and if stopped, start another service on a remote machine.
  • Ping a remote machine and if it fails 5 times sequentially, send an email and execute a PowerShell script.
  • Look for a process by name and if found, end it.

MonitorMesh Screenshot

ReportDeck Logo

ReportDeck is an automated web based reporting system designed for the security industry. Many access control systems can not easily provide aggregated count reports used for people flow analysis. ReportDeck allows the creation of customised report templates using SQL scripts. Many templates have already been created for reporting on systems like CCure 9000, Lenel, Pro-Watch and Inner Range systems such as Insight and Integriti. Once a template is configured, any number of reports can be created from this template and saved in permission based folders. Reports can be scheduled to be sent via email to information stakeholders. Excel report outputs can be generated by the server or a custom Excel base file uploaded to a report to allow for graphs and charts on the first worksheet while data is written to the last. Complete column customisation is possible along with wild card text filters on any column. Example reports are:

  • Send door access history for any door that contains "IT Room" every day at 8am showing access for last 24 hours.
  • Send report with Excel dashboard showing alarm activation counts, per day, per alarm point with most active alarm at the top.
  • Send occupancy report that shows number of unique people who badged on site per hour for the last 30 days.
  • Send alert report that runs every 10 minutes and only emails if a particular value is found in an events table (e.g. "Offline") within the last 10 minutes.

TrackMaster Logo

TrackMaster is a real-time RFID tracking system for the defense industry that tracks trainees with high accuracy inside a predefined training scene. It can also be used for recreational sports like lasertag. It consists of PoE Anchors and RFID Tags worn by the users and can track to 10cm accuracy with 10 Hertz update frequency. Training exercises can be recorded to video for later analysis.

TrackMaster Animation

QuoteMaster is a quoting system designed for the security industry but can cater to any industry where parts and labour projects need to be built and priced for a customer. Rich text features allow inserting and formating of images and tables. Product catalogues can be imported and custom parts/labour created. Quotes can then be exported to PDF with various itemisation options.

IOController is an automation system that leverages off the Advantech Adam 6000 series Input/Output module. Using a self hosted mobile web app, Actions can be configure to execute on input state change or at a scheduled time. Actions can trigger outputs and can send email alerts.

IOController Main Menu IOController Inputs IOController Outputs IOController Settings

SNMPMonitor is used to monitor SNMP devices in realtime for particular OID results. If a result contains, is equal, greater than or less than a specified value, an email/SMS alert can be sent.

SNMPMonitor Screenshot

MobileMonitor is a self hosted mobile web app that allows real-time muster and event monitoring. Currently it supports CCure 9000 but will soon support Lenel, ProWatch and other major brands. It can also be modified to connect to any access control system.

MobileMonitor Main Menu MobileMonitor Area List MobileMonitor Area Cardholder List

Free Utilities

ADReader reads from Active Directory (Domain or local machine) using AD search Queries. Results are output to screen, file or a SQL database. The app includes command line options for automation and is often used for personnel record meta data updating within an access control system.

EmailTester is a simple portable app for testing SMTP servers.

ExecHTTP is a command line utility for executing HTTP commands. A range of IP Addresses can be included and the following lists some typical examples:

  • Execute an HTTP API command for a range of Axis IP cameras to enable SNMP
  • Execute a command to autofocus or reboot a device
  • Download snapshot images from a range of IP cameras
  • Retrieve the status of a device input
ExecHTTP can be used in conjuntion with MonitorMesh to enhance automation of a networked security system.

PingLogger is a portable app that allows a number of IP Addresses (along with friendly names) to be pinged at customisable intervals. Results are saved to local individual CSV files.

SMTPRelay consists of a portable app and Windows Service that are used to listen for SMTP email traffic, filter based on IP Address source and message subject/body content, drop email that fails the filters and forward mail that doesn't. All email is logged to a folder for analysis and troubleshooting.

SNMPTester is a portable app used to connect to a device via SNMP and walk the specified OID.

TaskRunner is a Windows Service that allows automation of custom scripts using per second timing. This is tedious to do using the Windows Task Scheduler as it only allows per minute scheduling. Even the MS SQL Agent Service only allows running tasks every 10 seconds.


Cloud Based Device Management & Monitoring

Neptus is a cloud based device management & monitoring system for the security industry.

Neptus Architecture

Neptus Easy Configuration

  1. Download Neptus Droid via the web UI.
  2. Install Droid on a Windows device on site (e.g. NVR or access control server).
  3. Register Droid with your account and give it a name.
  4. Within seconds, the new Droid appears on the left of the Web UI.
  5. Assign IP addresses/ranges for it to scan and monitor.
  6. Within a short time, discovered devices appear on the right pane.
  7. Select individual or batches of devices to assign a username and password.
  8. The username and password is then used to retrieve more information (e.g. camera images) from the devices.
Neptus Web UI Screenshot

Neptus Switch Information

Neptus uses a range of protocols (ARP, ICMP, HTTP, SNMP, ONVIF, WMI) to obtain device information. SNMP is used with network switches to determine the port configuration. Parameters such as:

This allows engineers to know which camera to unplug for hard reset, as opposed to powering down the entire switch.

This also allows performance evaluation to see if an uplink port is approaching maximum bandwidth limit. Alerts can be sent for port usage over 80%.

Neptus Switch Screenshot

IP Camera Information

Neptus retrieves security camera images using native HTTP APIs and ONVIF. This usage of standard protocols means even new cameras coming out in future should be compatible.

Alerts can be sent for camera offline events. Images can be used to determine the camera location, make, model etc. and help determine next steps for problem resolution. The situation where a client calls with a playback issue, only to find on site visit the NVR disk failed weeks previously, should never happen.

Sales teams can also make use of snapshot images to examine current qualities and suggest camera upgrades to clients (e.g. to remedy poor low light performance).

Images can be stored for 1 day up to an unlimited duration.

Neptus Camera Screenshot

Server Information

Using WMI and SNMP, Neptus can read extensive information from Windows Servers (e.g. NVRs). It provides information such as:

Alerts can be sent for disk failures and using Neptus, the exact make and model of disk is known for the ordering process. This can reduce site visits to resolve the issue.

All parameters are stored to history so can be examined for when a state changed. History can be deleted after 1 day or kept indefinitely.

Neptus Server Screenshot


90% of Cybersecurity is not difficult, but it requires time and effort to enforce. Neptus helps improve the cybersecurity process by:

  1. Firmware updates are an essential part of any robust cybersecurity plan. Neptus shows the version of firmware on the device so it can easily be determined if it’s due for an update.
  2. Managing passwords. Enter the username and password on the lower left of the device form. Neptus uses this login to retrieve extra information from the device (e.g. Windows information via WMI, IP camera images via ONVIF etc). To show the password, click the password label and it’s revealed for 5 seconds. This action is logged to history along with geolocation lookup and remote IP
  3. Showing open ports is also an essential but basic part of cybersecurity. Open ports increase the attack surface of a device and unless needed, should be closed
Neptus Cybersecurity Screenshot


Neptus allows exporting of the device list to CSV, PDF or Excel. The device list can fist be filtered using the search field, then exported to the chosen format. This is very useful for quarterly maintenance tasks and record keeping. A copy of the export can be kept on file and/or sent to the customer for reference.

Neptus Export Options
Neptus PDF Report
Neptus Excel Report

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The Security Device Network Scanner

LANScanner is a fast, accurate network scanning tool designed for the security industry.

Screenshot one of LANScanner

Download build 1.7 of LANScanner

Download a 30 day trial. Licenses can be purchased below.





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