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MonitorMesh is the easiest server monitoring tool to deploy and use. It allows creation of Events to monitor CMD, PowerShell, SQL results, service status, CPU load & Free Disk/RAM. If specific results are found (or not found), actions can be configured that include email alerts and CMD/PowerShell/SQL script execution.

Multiple Monitoring services (called Droids) can be joined together across different machines to create a redundant mesh. This also allows a result on one Droid to trigger an action on any other.

Example configurations include:


Any number of Droids can be configured and connected together. These can monitor each other and take actions if any condition is met on any Droid.

MonitorMesh Droids

Events are used to monitor certain conditions on a Droid.

MonitorMesh Events

Events can monitor for Windows Service status, CMD, SQL or PowerShell results, Droid status, Free RAM/Disk and CPU Load.

MonitorMesh Event

Actions are executed on state changes of Events. Actions include execution of CMD, SQL or PowerShell scripts and sending email/SMS. Use an email to SMS service like to send SMS alerts via your SMTP server.

MonitorMesh Action

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